Why KI?

Joch took our Battle of Bosworth winery crew on a magical mystery tour at the end of vintage 2016. They were supplied with a list of things to bring which included a change of underwear and a toothbrush. They drove their cars in single file behind Joch in his ute from the vineyards on Gaffney Road to the Aldinga airfield ten minutes away, and from there flew to Kangaroo Island Airport.

They stayed in Emu Bay and went fishing, drank wine and beer and played Cards Against Humanity. There were midnight races down to the jetty. No-one got badly injured. During weekend, Joch went shopping for some groceries in Kingscote and found himself outside the local real estate office and saw Springs Road vineyards up for sale.

We visited the vineyard a few weeks later and saw immediately that it was a great site that was capable of producing amazing wines, so we bought the property. Our first KI vintage was 2017 and the excitement about these wines grows with every vintage.