1485 Wine Club

1485 was the year in which the Battle of Bosworth, the final clash in the English struggle for power, famously termed The War of The Roses was fought. Named after the heraldic badges associated with the fighting royal houses; the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster, the Battle of Bosworth ended with the subsequent defeat of the Yorkists and rise of the Tudors.

Joining the 1485 Wine Club will guarantee delivery of a case of your chosen wine pack twice a year. There are 5 different packs to choose from:

  • Red Wine Pack – Lancaster
  • White Wine Pack – York
  • Mixed Wine Pack – Tudor
  • Premium Red six Pack – Mercury
  • Build Your Own Wine Pack – Stanley

Build your own pack - Stanley Club

Have it your own way – choose 12 (or more – as many as you like in fact) bottles from a selection of Battle of Bosworth, Spring Seed and Springs Road Kangaroo Island wines and receive your selected wines twice a year.

Mixed Wine Pack - Tudor Club

Mixed Dozen twice a year $260 per pack

Red Wine Club - Lancaster Pack

Red dozen twice a year for $300 per pack

White Wine Pack - York Club

White dozen twice a year for $220 per pack

Premium Red Six Pack - Mercury

Premium red six pack twice a year for $220 per pack

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