2020 Halliday Wine Companion

It’s that time of year when winemakers get a little bit antsy and have a faraway look in their eyes; the release date of the annual James Halliday Wine Companion is in early August every year; we are up to the 2020 edition now!

Springs Road Kangaroo Island Wines did very well with all 5 wines getting 90 points or more – which is great for the first release of our wines.

Halliday’s comment on the Springs Road Wines was great;

The quality of the wines is impressive.’

Star of the show was the 2017 Springs Road Cabernet Sauvignon which got 94 points!

The yet to be released 2017 Springs Road ‘Terre Napoleon’ Shiraz got 92 points. We are about to get this wine labelled (we are having the bottles screen printed rather than using labels), for a release later in the year.

Here is a sneak peak of the screen printing of the wine label! Strong, clean, classy and fresh, said David from Glassprint, the company that will be doing the work. Just like us, I said.


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