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We’ve had a quiet few winter months at Springs Road, with the normal cycle of activities occurring – mainly pruning an essential but not particularly exciting activity to watch. Cellar door was closed on Tuesdays (May – September) but is now back open for the spring and summer season from 12-5pm daily.

Dean Wiles Photographer from the island has been coming in to visit and has taken some awesome shots of the place.This is looking up the our long and winding drive way from the main gate which is opposite 761 Playford Highway.

Cellar door is looking awesome – if we say so ourselves. The wallpaper is derived from the map ‘Carte Generale de la Terre Napoleon’ which was drawn by Baudin’s cartographer, Freycinet. This map was the first detailed one of Southern Australia and stretches from the Nullabor all the way through east to Wilson’s Promontory. The Fleurieu Peninsula looks a bit strange, but the level of detail of the map is remarkable considering the age – the map was released in 1808.

We named our most recent wine release after this map, but shortened it a little for ease. The 2017 Springs Road ‘Terre Napoleon‘ is a small volume barrel selection. Joch picked his favourite Shiraz barrels and tucked them away for further maturing, and then blended them to make this sublime Shiraz. It has great length and persistence and bursts with dark fruit (with a hint of orange peel) on the nose and palate. If you are stuck for gifts this would be a ripper with its presentation box, have a look here.

As well as pruning over winter, we have planted some rosemary and lavender around the building and down the path, but Dean will have to come again and take some snaps of that, as clearly that had not happened in time for this shot.

The previous owners Roger and Kate did all of the hard work by planting the vineyard back in 1994, and they still keep sheep and chooks on the property. This rooster is a ripper. Any idea what variety? I think a Plymouth Rock, but answers on a postcard if you are sure.

Mr. Rooster had better be on his guard as we have a new member of the Battle of Bosworth/ Spring Seed / Springs Road wine team. Based on the mainland but beginning to make some visits over to the island, Tigger is a 6 month old standard dachshund and she is very active and enthusiastic (euphemism for high prey drive 🙁 ), although not in this photo, obviously.

I think the sheep are safe, being bigger, but I won’t lay money on it. We use the sheep in the vineyards as weed control as we bring our organic ways to our KI vineyard. We keep weeds under control in the McLaren Vale vineyards by under vine weeding with a dodge plough, and then smother the ones we may have missed using the ‘throwing on’ knife (a blade attached to the tractor) but sheep are the go at Springs Road. Timing is of the essence as we don’t want the blighters eating the spring shoots, so we have to get them out quick smart once spring comes around.

Roger still shears the sheep on the property in this one stand shearing shed. It’s looking pretty moody here in another super Dean Wiles shot.

No blog post is complete without a shot of the bathroom floor tiles, is it? This photo was taken by a Willunga friend who was over with her husband to do the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, but called in for supplies at Springs Road beforehand. She sent me a photo saying guess where I am. Only the best facilities on the island (self proclaimed!!)! I knew instantly. Joch didn’t want these tiles, as they were the most expensive of the 3 samples he brought for us to view. He was outvoted obviously. Check them out when you come and visit us.

Final photo this time from my iPhone of the Gypsy bubbles and Jane’s cheese  (from @secondvalleycheese), both of which interlopers are available in cellar door.

That’s all for now, we will see you on the island.

Cheers, Louise

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