What to do when you find yourself in Cygnet River on Kangaroo Island

At the risk of plagiarising massively and being accused of being very lazy, I am going to use the most excellent work of our neighbours, Islander Estate and post the link to their recent blog which details all of the fabulous things you can do when in Cygnet River. Click on the link below

Islander Estate Wines Blog

Cygnet River; not only a place, but a state of mind…. to paraphrase Eddie Maguire…..

I should do some of my own work, however, so in no particular order, here are some photos of the vineyard and winery from recent times: you can see new Springs Road employee Zoe Wauchope. She is pictured with Eddie the poodle under the pistachio tree (Eddie belongs to Erin Stacey, see more). Zoe hails from the Adelaide Hills and her formative hospitality years have been spent at her family’s Glen Ewin Estate, a magnificent establishment that incorporates the Gate House, the Pulp Shed wedding venue, Fig Gin, Figs and wine storage facilities. Glen Ewin was also the scene of much of Louise’s socialising when she was first in Australia back in the late 90’s, well before the era of the smart phone, which is a Good Thing.

Erin Stacey has had more hospitality experience than you can poke a stick at, as well as being a gun cellar hand and poodle fancier to boot. Erin is a self-styled ‘cellar hand/ booze hag’ and I know Joch is eyeing her off (professionally, of course) to come and work in the Bosworth Wines Cellar for vintage 2021. Fingers crossed.

Erin took the arty shot of the Springs Road Shiraz, which is drinking beautifully; I have also popped in a shot of the Second Valley Cheese and the Spring Seed Wine Co ‘Gypsy’ Blanc de Blancs that you find here at cellar door. Lots of lovely treats to be found at the top of the hill.

As well as the Springs Road Shiraz, we also have the small volume ‘Terre Napoleon’ Shiraz, named after the map from which we derived our labels.

The map (full name ‘Carte Generale de la Terre Napoleon’) was released in 1808 and was drawn by the cartographer who travelled with Baudin on his voyage of discovery of the southern ocean. The map was the first detailed chart of southern Australia and stretched from the Nullabor all the way to Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria.

Tigger the dachshund will very likely greet you when you come up to our cellar door. She often lies on the ramp leaving up to the deck as she can keep her beady eye on incoming visitors as well as those pesky ibis.

We are all stocked up and ready with plenty of wine in the store. We use Tiff and Kath from KI Complete to bring wine over from our cellar door in Willunga. Tiff was a lead hand at mine in her previous life and so can drive practically any machine, which is lucky as she had to get the pallets off the truck using a tractor with a round bale as a counterweight….. We are not shy about using our cellar door guests to help unload pallets by hand. Willa and Mary, parents of the aforementioned Zoe rocked up just in time to help. Thanks Willa!

When you are heading to the cellar door from the Playford Highway, hopefully you won’t be able to miss the turning (opposite 761) as well now have a massive red feather flag which says cellar door loud and clear….we have one at the top as well, so you have a point to navigate to – it’s a long driveway up past the sheep, vines and chooks. You literally can’t miss it. Thanks Dean Wiles for the nice shot.

Once you are up at cellar door, it is time to have a taste of the Springs Road wines (and some of our guest stars from the mainland at Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed Wines ) and kick back and relax; for inspiration here is Tigger showing you how it is done. See you up here soon.

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