Shiraz/Cabernet bottle image
Shiraz/Cabernet bottle image

Shiraz/Cabernet 2018

Tasting Notes

A full-bodied blend, with a gentle, rounded style. The nose has spicy plum and shiraz characters with a whiff of classic Cabernet cassis character. The tannins are ripe and bright, and the wine has a beautiful medium finish.

'The palate is complete, with the aromatics and plummy, spicy shiraz fruit, and while there's a decent tannin feel, there's a medium-bodied carry to the finish that encourages the next glass.'

94 points from 2022 Halliday Wine Cmpanion 

We had a very dry growing season and above average temperatures in January – a cooler February allowed for a long ripening period.

Grapes are harvested and brought back to our Willunga winery before being crushed and fermented in open vessels.  Juice is pumped over the fermenting grapes twice a day to draw out maximum colour and flavour from the skins. Fermentation finishes in barrel. We use French oak barrels (about 30% new oak, the balance one and two- year old) for this purpose and for maturating the wine. The Cabernet and Shiraz spends about 12 months in oak prior to blending and bottling. This vintage sees Cabernet taking charge, making up 

  • The Great Australian Red 2023

    Silver Medal 

    2018 Springs Road Kangaroo Island Cabernet/ Shiraz

Technical Details

Vineyard block: Cabernet Sauvignon (74%) Shiraz (26%)

Picking Date: 13th and 22nd April (Shiraz) and 24th and 29th April (Cabernet Sauvignon) 2018

Bottling Date: 31st July 2019